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An Ultimate Textile Brand in Market since 1985

Femro 3 Nigeria Limited was established in 1985. It is now a fully integrated textile manufacturing company, the company knits and processes its own fabric which meets international standard. The garment division produces high quality T-shirts, caps, vendors' jackets as well as many other corporate gift items.

No Matter What Problem You face You Have Found A Textile Factory That Can Help You.

Felix Egbamuno


Let Your Business Grow & Be Successful

Femro3's customer service is great. I went in search of fabric designs & found exactly what I wanted also the deliverery was quick. Overall, a very smooth transaction.
Lawal Adejumo
The culture is the best at Femro3. You can tell that they truly care about the happiness of their employees. It's a really relaxed and calm environment and their quality of product is always best. I refer them for the future.
Elic Semules
I realized after I sent in my order that I had ordered a larger quantity than I needed. I emailed and received a quick response, adjustment to my order and a refund. Product was shipped out in a timely manner. FEMRO3 is great!
Alex Albert Belle